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PLTP41 | 100mm x 200mm Fire Pillow

Image of PLTP41 | 100mm x 200mm Fire Pillow


Fire rated pillows containing non-combustible rockwool in a woven fabric cover suitable for sealing larger penetrations and expansion joints for up to 3 hours of fire resistance.


Expansion joints, penetrations through concrete and brick walls and floors containing electrical cables and cable trays and metal pipes. Should be used in conjunction with Pyropanel Multiflex and Pyropanel Intumex F for maximum fire resistence.


  • Fully certified to Australian Standards AS1530.4 and AS4072.1 for up to 3 hours of fire rating depending on the construction element they are installed in
  • Light weight and very easy to use
  • 3 sizes available
  • Not suitable for external use
  • Maximum penetration size for floors and walls:
    • 400mm on shortest side x any length
    • 400-500mm on shortest side, max area 0.75m2
    • 500-600mm on shortest side , max area 0.75m2, with additional row of Pyropanel PS expanding fire pillows along both longest sides
  • Use with Pyropanel Multiflex fire rated acrylic sealant and Pyropanel Intumex F fire rated putty for maximum fire resistance
  • Note: for uninsulated metal penetrations, an insulation shield may be required to maintain insulation level due to heat transfer via the penetrating element.
  • For dust free applications, refer PAS-12 Pyropanel intumescent fire pillows
  • For long spans, refer to PAS-13 Pyropanel fire snake


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