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CLPY065 | 65mm Pyrorap

Image of CLPY065 | 65mm Pyrorap


A flexible intumescent wrap contained in a plastic bag which is designed to intumesce under fire conditions and crush the plastic pipe thus sealing against the passage of flame and hot gases for up to 4 hours. It is designed for core hole or block out applications.


Especially designed for core hole, block out and retrofit applications, it is a cost effective and labour saving alternative especially suitable for use in fire rating plastic pipes passing through floors in high residential construction, flats, townhouses, apartments, civil projects, health care and aged care facilities, offices, etc.


  • Fully certified to Australian Standards AS1530.4 and AS4072.1
  • 8 wrap sizes service pipe sizes from 20-100mm (nom)
  • Pyroraps are recessed into wall or slab ensuring maximum clearance for pipe fittings
  • Quick and easy to install - no adjustment necessary
  • A cost effective fire stopping solution
  • Approved for installation within underside of masonry slabs, or within masonry and Hebel walls
  • 10 year warranty on intumescent material
  • Australian made

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